About eviCore healthcare

eviCore healthcare (eviCore) offers proven, diversified medical benefit management solutions that help clients reduce costs while increasing quality of care for their members.  The company provides these solutions to managed care organizations and risk-bearing provider organizations serving commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid populations.  Powered by a team of specialized medical professional resources, extensive evidence-based guidelines, and advanced technologies, eviCore supports clients by ensuring the right evidence-based care is delivered at the right time to the right patient at the right site of care.  Flexible medical benefit management solutions are offered in: Radiology; Cardiology; Musculoskeletal; Medical Oncology; Radiation Therapy; Specialty Drug; Sleep; Lab Management; and Post-Acute Care (including participating in the CMS Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative).  eviCore is proud to help nearly 100 million Americans receive higher quality, lower cost healthcare. 

Our Mission

To help those we serve navigate the healthcare system, find the right care path, and enable the best outcomes.

5 thoughts on “About eviCore healthcare

  1. Peer to Peer, what is the exact meaning of Peer to Peer? Example: a Physical Therapist, DPT to a orthopedic nurse is this Peer to Peer?

    • when i am able to come home after complicated spinal surgery , scoliosis, i will be having a rod put up my back and spinal fusion of all the vertebrae in my back
      i have been told i will need a a home health caretaker with me of 24/7 for a week or so, is this something my insurance will pay for?

  2. I need an address where authorizations requests for MRIs can be sent. This is for a Healthlink patient.

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