This Week in Healthcare – News from around the web

RBMs Are Transparent, Accredited – CareCore National Chief Medical Officer responds to Diagnostics Imaging article

The Trouble With ‘Doctor Know’s Best’ – An essay by Dr. Peter B. Bach that appeared this week in the NY Times that mentions the use of evidence based guidelines in screening for cancer. ┬áDr. Bach spoke at our 2011 Healthcare Summit in Hilton Head, SC.

CT scans for children linked to increased cancer risk – Researchers find radiation exposure from two to three scans can triple the risk of brain cancer and five to ten scans can triple the risk of leukemia.

The Importance of Data and Care Coordination – Better care from Big Data.

Laser beam may one day replace X-rays – The future of medical imaging.

and finally, something to ponder while trying to put together that new grill this weekend

Americans’ Heads Getting Bigger – New skull space could accommodate a tennis ball’s worth of brain.